In 21st Century, we are experiencing many difficulties from new directions living in the modern societies. Also, while various pathological phenomena from psychological and physical imbalances draw out attention, the rates of divorce, mental depression, and suicide come to the fore as major social problems.

Dasom art foundation of women & family culture is an affiliated organization to the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in Korea established with the purpose to propagate family culture utilizing Healing Art Culture Program to increase women's participation in society though self-realization and to improve the quality of Korean family culture.

Therefore, the Association wishes to spread cultural art values as the healing culture which enables communications overcoming barriers between sexes, cultures and ages in the society.

Especially, the Association commits itself to resolve social issues including the ones to which women and families are subjected. In connection to the commitment, the Association is making efforts to establish social environment in which problems of conflicts between individuals and in families can be resolved in preventive aspects. Fully realizing the need of the artistic healing culture in making of the happier world, the Association is established on the basis consisted of wills and cooperation of various experts.

Our efforts will be made continuously to enlighten our society's feelings of happiness and satisfaction.

We hope we can share our happy gifts with every guests and friends visiting us.
Thank you very much.

Dr. Yoon Hye Sun
Dasom art foundation of women & family culture