Please join the supporting family for Happiness Sharing Angel

While Korea is making tremendous development economically, our Happy Planet Index ranked lowest among the OECD nations. It seems like happiness in people's mind hasn¡¯t been growing along with the economical improvement.

The ones contacted our association would know that the feeling of happiness can be enhanced by training. Material supports to socially abandoned people are important. However, if it is possible to awake a person¡¯s power to use hope, it would be giving the best present to him/her to change the fate, wouldn¡¯t it?

Valuing Butterfly Affect of Love to make the happy world, we, Dasom art foundation of women & family culture, visit many local institutions such as orphanages, nursing homes, resting places, social welfare centers, where warm attention and help from the society are needed, to convey love and hope, and to transfer healing artistic culture improving happy feeling in daily lives to socially abandoned people including women, families, youths, handicapped, migrants and etc.

The Supporters¡¯ warm hearts and compassions will be passed to the neighbors who are in difficult situations to find hopes for their lives because of severe stress, depression, social maladjustment and etc in the form of love shared via healing culture program.

We are waiting for hands of love wishing to share hopes of life together to challenged neighbors and families around us.

Sponsorship Procedure

Sponsorship Procedure

After Happy Art Therapy Program Sponsorship Registration

After Happy Art Therapy Program Sponsorship Registration

Sponsorship Application Guide

After filling the application form, please send it to Administration Office (Attention to Manager, Choi, Yun Mi), Dasom art foundation of women & family culture either through the postal service or fax.
No. 201 Donam Dongil Hiville, 120 Dong Somun-Dong, 5 Ga, Sungbuk - Gu, Seoul, Korea (136-035) Tel. 747-4763 / Fax. 928-4763

Bank Account: 1005-501-2347970 Woori Bank

We wish for all participants in the propagation of artistic culture to deliver love and hope to receive the gift of pleasure of happy sharing